All Things Go feature “City Lights”

So, does this mean I’m a doctor now? 😉 Thanks SO MUCH to All Things Go for the incredible love they are showing “City Lights”! Check out the feature here:…

Write.Click.Cook.Listen Feature “City Lights”!

“In the past, when a Kong came to a city, the story became anything but pleasant. I’m talking hide the woman and airplanes type stuff. Andy Kong and his new single “City Lights” seeks to undo the damage that big hairy gorillas have caused.” Thank you to Write.Click.Cook.Listen for the “King-Sized” review of “City Lights”! Check out the feature here: … Read More

“Jam of the Day” on Airows!

Thanks so much to Airows for the INCREDIBLE words about ”City Lights” and for choosing it as their ‘Jam of the Day’!! And for the record, I would be honored to perform as support for Sam Smith! 😀 Read the feature here: 

“Ticket Home” on The Recording Revolution

HUGE thanks to Graham at The Recording Revolution for using my tune “Ticket Home” as the centerpiece for last month’s Dueling Mixes!! I’ve been surfing Soundcloud all morning listening to the insane amount of AMAZING remixes that you engineers have created and shared. A heartfelt cheers to everyone who added their artistry and magic to this new tune of mine.

Noon Pacific Mixtape 154

Wow. Huge thanks to @NoonPacific for including “City Lights” on this week’s mixtape!!! Seriously stunned right now to be one of ten artists included alongside new stuff from Chet Faker, Rudimental and Foals. Grab this week’s mixtape featuring “City Lights”: Mind. Blown.

“City Lights” on The Dan Digs Show (Dash-1)

So grateful for all the love that my new tune “City Lights” has been receiving lately and I’m STOKED that Dan Digs included it in his weekly “Dan Digs Show” on Dash-1! I’ve been listening to his station on repeat this past year and it was a HUGE privilege and honor to contribute to a show that inspires me and prides … Read More