Andy Kong to Release New Single, Wildfire, on Ephany Records April 14th, 2017


Written in the backseat of a Westfalia and recorded in the desert under the blistering summer sun, Andy Kong’s flammable new single, Wildfire is set for release on April 14th, 2017.

After the initial desert recordings, Andy took Wildfire into the studio for final production, but its creation story seeps through the cracks at every note. This “tormented love song” reveals a darker side to Andy’s sound that will excite fans and get them ready for the summer.

Wildfire is the first of a 10-Song Collection releasing on Ephany Records throughout the year.  Andy is available for interview and performance engagements leading up to and post release. 



Truly independent, Andy Kong, writes, produces and engineers each song from “notes on a napkin” to final mix. Raised on classic records of the 60’s and 70’s, the Northern California native is defining a sound that is equally modern and classic.

Before signing with Ephany Records, his Meteor Showers EP garnered over 3 million streams on Spotify – a notable achievement for an independent artist.

2017 is slated to be a breakthrough year for Andy, with the hotly anticipated release of his new single “Wildfire” on the horizon and an ambitious new album scheduled for the fall.

Wildfire CoverAndy Kong Press Photo 1
Wildfire Desert Recording Session 1Andy Kong Filming and RecordingAndy Kong Filming and Recording
Wildfire Desert Recording Session 1Andy Kong In StudioAndy Kong Meteor Showers Album Cover


“So, so good…Work for a record company and want to make a ton of cash? Sign this guy to a contract, work out a deal where he opens for Sam Smith, watch the piles of cash roll in. Great voice, style, and tone–Andy Kong is the real deal…”

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“Andy Kong has a PhD in feelings and his latest single “City Lights” extracts every available ounce of emotion out of the listener… Andy only really needs his voice and a piano to make you stop in your tracks and take notice…”

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“I guess this tune from Andy Kong titled, “City Lights” triggered those feelings of awe in me … City Lights reminds me why after all this time I am still in New York City… It reminds me of my obsession with its skyline and how the nights can take you to places you didn’t even think possible…”

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